BOOK: Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? 1st Century Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories

Who is Jesus? We can read history books, like Antiquity of the Jews by Josephus, to discover his identity. Or we can read the Bible. We can ask our pastor or church-going friends who seem to have a definite opinion on the subject. The reality is that we each must decide for ourselves who Jesus is, deep down and personal. C.S. Lewis once said that Jesus of Nazareth was either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord of all. Perhaps the most important decision we will make in this life is which of those three he is to us.

Use the link in this book picture to get your copy!

Use the link in this book picture to get your copy!

After the Wise Men encountered Jesus, they chose a different path. We don’t know why. We only know that they were emboldened to do so. Their choice changed the world.

The storytellers in this book lived in the First Century AD. Their stories are recorded in the Bible. Discover the choices they made when they came face to face with the knowledge of who Jesus is.

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What are people saying about this book?

“Cheryl Wills has  a wonderful way to express the faith of biblical people as that faith arises in response to being with Jesus. I felt like I was there. “
Nancy HC Ward,
, Catholic author and speaker
“Cheryl Wills has written a beautiful, compelling book – a collection of ‘you are there’ stories. It’s especially rich in human descriptive language that speaks to every emotion. It will confirm your faith, affirm your hope, and draw you into a closer relationship with a God that loves you. A ‘must have’ at your bedside or prayer group. The book is a tribute to a writer that really ‘gets it.'”
Patricia L. Mitchell, Teacher (retired)


About The Author

Cheryl Ann Wills is an author and entrepreneur. She has been writing since she was a child, through college and the workplace. Her writing varies from non-fiction to children’s stories. This is her first fiction work.

Her passion is to give back to society by making a difference. This she does through her writing that she hopes will open hearts to ideas that could change lives, by teaching children to read so that they may be of greater value to themselves and society in their future, and by teaching better health choices to all.

She and her husband Ed have three fabulous daughters. Family time, photography and painting, cycling and hiking help her maintain balance in life. Daily prayer and meditation keep Cheryl centered.

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