Welcome to My World

Loving Life!

Loving Life!

Welcome to the world of Cheryl Wills.

Let her tell you about her core:

I am a woman in love with life. I endeavor to make a positive difference through my every action. I hope your association with me through this site will prove to be a good thing in your life.

My Life Symbol Makes Me Smile:

The hummingbird is my life symbol. She perseveres to make a difference with every step (or flight), she is tireless and never gives up, she protects her family fiercely. And – she’s pretty. I intend to persevere to fulfill my life destiny.

My Life Motto is a Reminder of WHY I Live:

I endeavor to make a difference intentionally and to live, breathe, love, and laugh in harmony with all God’s creation.

hummingbird biz card2