Aug 28

The Time is Always Now

Purple Park, Superior, Colorado

Flowers in millions of colors Sprinkle from the golden orb That bursts through magenta clouds. Smile. Laugh! Run across diamond-studded emeralds Raise your arms and sing, Alleluia As you catch the colors in your hair! Spin as they whirl around you In a funnel of joy. The time is always now. Live it.   If …

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Aug 24

A Moment of Contemplation

He speaks to me.

My Father, who is in Heaven, Holy is your Name. I am broken before you And rise by your Grace. Let your kingdom alone Fill me and live through me.   Take me deep into my heart Into that place where you alone reside And where there is nothing of me. And pray there for all …

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Aug 18

Two Hands


Two hands. One to feed the poor. The other to forgive. Our feet to walk the way of the Cross. By our example we lead others to Christ, or we hinder them. Two hands. One to feed the poor. The other to forgive. (why won’t WordPress let me add spaces here????) Remember, I’d love for …

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Aug 10

Trusting God: Don’t we all want perfection in every decision we make?

Longing for Lake Como (and perfect peace)

John had been out of work for sometime. He was devoted to his young family of wife and baby. He was desperate for a job that paid well. Finally, he got an offer that he had to either accept or not immediately. It was an enormous salary increase over any previous employment. He had to …

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Aug 07

Only Light is Real: Jesus, I Trust in You

The Light and the Love are One

She looks old beyond her years, hunched over, face parallel to the ground because of the brown bundle ten times her size, attached to her back. She would love to remove the bundle and let it fall without a care but her hands, in front of her, are tied together. Her eyes that can only …

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Aug 05

Queen or Mother?

mary halo of stars

Movies and photographs depict little princes and princesses approaching their parents, the King and Queen, with bows and curtsies and kissing of the hand and/or ring. Once the formalities are dealt with, they draw close as any other child and parent. Having no personal association with any royalty, I have no idea how close to …

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Jul 25

Breathe Life

northern lights20

The Light and the Love are One. Melt into them as you enter in. Become one with them. Let thoughts slip by, You’ll find them later. For this time, Allow the warmth and presence Surround you, Consume you, Keep you safe and still. You, The Light, and The Love Are One. It’s all that matters. …

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Jul 24

Father Differences

3 silly sisters who grew up to be lovely, independent women. We are proud of who they are.

A Christian songwriter shared in an interview his “all about me” bubble burst when he married his wife. And he was glad. When they had children, it was more evident that real life is about everyone else. He also said that being a father has given him a glimpse of how God as Father takes …

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Jul 20

Whose trip of a lifetime?

An olivewood carving by a Palestinian Catholic

What steps do you take to reach a big decision? Please share in the comments. If you don’t mind, I’m going to ramble on about a huge decision I must make. I guess we could call this live journaling. You might be able to sway me with your insights… My current dilemma is whether or not …

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Jul 09

He is My Mountain


If anyone knows me, they are aware of how I’ve longed to live in the Rockies of Northern Colorado for more than four years. In fact, I am convinced that it is where I am supposed to live. I am as sure of that as I was to marry my husband, to enter the Catholic …

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Jun 29

I Met a Saint Named Juan

About 5 foot 7, graying blonde, with merry blue eyes and soft wrinkles mapped across a chubby face, and chunky around the middle, he wore a yellow collared knit shirt with a beautiful solid gold crucifix that poked out at the top. “I used to be in prison ministries,” his accented voice continued our conversation. …

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Jun 27

Enter the Lord’s Living Room; Moments of Peace

st michaels alexa neSMPIX

Some days I linger in the nave for over an hour after 6:15 AM mass. I pray the rosary, I read scripture, I lift my friends, family and strangers to the Lord, I journal. Sometimes I read a spiritually worthy work. Currently I am reading The Apostolic Letter MULIERIS DIGNITATEM
of the Supreme Pontiff
on …

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Jun 16

Journeys to Peace. . . .The Journey Home

I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. My family was Presbyterian and practiced Godly values. We were also very involved in our church. Every day of any given week some or all of us were there being busy in the life of the church. For each of us, this was by choice. Even so, …

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Jun 15

Notes in the Night