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My original blog is Cheryl Writes On… and is devoted to posts less spiritual in nature.

Notes in the Night lives right here at The title originated from my earliest writing which nearly always began with a middle of the night nudge in my spirit to wake up and write. If you click this link NOTES IN THE NIGHT you’ll discover the place where I hope my Catholic spirituality shines. To understand more about the theme of Notes in the Night go to the “About Notes in the Night” drop down under Blog – Notes in the Night.

A blog I spend less time at, but is none the less dear to my heart, is devoted to the antics of my two favorite pets – Jasmine and Gypsy. You can read about them and some lessons they’ve taught me at  Dogs of Our Lives

I hope you enjoy what you find. Let me know! Thank you for visiting.

Author & Entrepreneur

Author & Entrepreneur