An Anniversary Gift

July 26, 2015, our 35th Wedding Anniversary. It is also the anniversary of my grandparents, Frank and Louise Brancato. And the feast day of Saints Ann and Joachim, the parents of Mary, Virgin Mother of God. Such an honor to share!

Today I was privileged to minister the Body of Christ to God’s people at Mass. One after another they stepped forward, palms outreached to me. In awe, for each I touched His Body, raised it between our eyes, pronounced solemnly, “The Body of Christ.” My proclamation is that He is and we are His Body. It is He who binds us together and makes us one. In Him. I then place Him in their hand. “Amen.”

Thank you, God, for such a gift on the anniversary of the day, before you and all people, Ed and I became one, in you.

You may now kiss the bride!

You may now kiss the bride!

wedding ours steps

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