He Lives!

…On the third day, I awoke just before dawn. What do I hear? The birds are singing! Only then did I realize that even the birds were mute during the stony silence of the last days. I remained on my mat for a few minutes to enjoy a great symphony of delight as every bird …

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The Christmas Song

2018 is the five year mark of my parents’ leaving this planet to live face to face with Jesus. Dad left suddenly in June, my mother, just as surprisingly, on December 31. December is always bitter sweet. Bitter for my loss of their human presence, sweet for their gain. Recently Ed and I enjoyed the …

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O, Come, Let Us Adore Him

God is here Before my eyes I dare not blink.

Christ the King of the Universe

It was the Sunday of the Solemnity of Christ the King. The priest was clothed in white and gold. He waved the censor. One, two, three.One, two, three. One, two, three. Deeply I breathed in the frankincense, allowing its peace to fill me.   Just as quickly, I startled! My eyes were suddenly opened to …

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Seeing Jesus

If I don’t see Jesus in each person I encounter, my desire to be Jesus is self-serving and shallow. Why is it sometimes so hard to see you in another person? Because you are in disguise. You are disguised as a disgruntled old man, a cranky child, an exhausted parent, an overwhelmed spouse, a friend …

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Face to Face

When we sit in the silence face to face with Jesus, he fills us to overflowing with whatever we need at the moment: mercy, joy, patience, peace, forgiveness, love, compassion; all of who He is. We leave that place refreshed and nourished for the journey as only He can do.    

Be Like Michelangelo

If we judge the exterior of people, we ignore the interior. Judge not. For within each person is the potential to be like our Creator – loving, kind, forgiving, merciful, compassionate, creative. For we are created in his very image and likeness. Michelangelo saw David within the flawed hunk of marble. God sees himself in …

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To Whom Much

crown of thorns

Some thoughts at the close of Lent. Compare middle and upper class life in the United States to life as an exile in Siberia, or life in a village of Papua New Guinea or Haiti. Compare life here to life in a remote village in the mountains of China or along the Amazon River or …

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The Man with the Withered Hand

What might the feelings of that young man be? Today’s Gospel is Mark 3:1-6. It’s one of the stories about Jesus that I particularly love so I prayed through it, using Ignatian Imaginative Prayer, and wrote a story that I included in my book, Who is Jesus? I want to share it today. (this story …

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Under His Roof

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Blessed are those called to the Supper of the Lamb. I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed. Under the roof of a cave, God manifest on earth …

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Pondering a Little Known Saint

Germaine Cousin

Saint Germaine Cousin was born deformed in 1579 in  France. She was outcast by her stepmother and disdained by fellow villagers. Germaine spent her days with the sheep, an assignment by her stepmother who also forced her to sleep on a wood plank under the steps or in the barn. In Germaine’s many hours alone, …

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In Your House

In your house You bid me welcome In the wee hours of the morning Before the dawn peeks at us, At midday when bright rays That glance through windows dance on your altar, And as night hastens to darken the earth. “Come in,” you gently call. “Sit down with me. Rest your mind, your heart, …

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Rush, Rush, Rush

Holy Hill

Yesterday I left five days at a Franciscan Retreat Center on 35 wooded acres north of Lansing, Michigan for a Catholic Writers’ Retreat. Each day we enjoyed Mass in the peaceful chapel and hours dedicated to quiet and writing. We 17 met for meals and socializing in the evenings. Gratefully, for the first time I …

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Breathe in the Day

I am thankful for a lovely space this morning. My daughter, with her baby, has not stepped out of her room yet so I sit on their balcony. It’s cool enough for a light jacket. I face West; the Rocky Mountains peek over the apartments – a good reason to live on the third floor. …

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Oh, to be a Disciple of Jesus

If I do not deny myself, myself stands between the cross and me. If I do not deny myself, I cannot pick up the crosses he allows for me. If I cannot carry my crosses, As he carried his for me, How can I follow him? Let your Grace, Lord, overcome my weakness, That I …

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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

When we lived in Texas, our gas grill was on the patio, just outside the open space of kitchen, dining, and family rooms. One early evening, as our girls and many neighbor children watched Sesame Street on TV, I started the grill to cook dinner. I went inside to get the meat from the refrigerator. …

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Grandparenthood: A First Reflection

On Sunday August 27, Ed and I officially became grandparents. Nicholas Alexander is healthy and cute as a button. (Actually, he’s much cuter than any button I’ve ever seen!) We are grateful to God for this newest blessing in our lives. His parents are already proving awesome. For them we also give thanks. We were …

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Never Alone

Jesus before me, Son of God and my brother, Whom I follow, trust and obey. Holy Spirit within, Nudges me forward to stay the path. Mary Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and my Mother, Holds my hand, Encourages me to keep my eyes on her Son, And to do whatever He tells me.   …

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37 Years

On Wednesday, Ed and I posted the announcement of our 37th Wedding Anniversary on Facebook. 37 years is a long time. It is time filled with change, pain afflicted on us by our world, pain inflicted on each other, disappointment, heartache. 37 years is a long time filled with joys, kindness, joint dreams fulfilled, and …

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Delight of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus

It delights my Most Sacred Heart when my brothers and sisters gather before me. To sit with me. To gaze upon my face.  Now, come closer children. Crowd near to me. I want to tell you stories of my divine Love. Shhh… I speak in the silence. And when you draw close, it is your heart …

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For Victims and Offenders, A Prayer

God Almighty,   Have mercy on creatures made in your Image who are abused, raped, tortured, murdered by those also created in your Image.   Jesus was flogged beyond recognition. By lashes and bruises that crushed him, and thorns pressed into his skull, he healed us.   Let each of the tormented find refuge in …

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Love Knows No Waste

If I lay aside self and truly desire not my will but thine be done, And if I surrender moment by moment to God present as the Holy Spirit, I let all be done in me and through me out of pure Love, in Love, with Love. And it is enough. No energy or effort …

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Heavenly Tears

I know that God wipes away our tears in heaven. But I wonder if, perhaps, God’s own tears remain. At least until the end. Because regardless that he knows the end from the beginning, surely he aches as he observes the destruction of his people by his people, and the destruction of his gift, the …

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The Morning Star envelops me. It swirls within me to cleanse me; all darkness flees. Glory to the Light Who was and is and is to come!

My Soul Hearkens

Perfect Peace

Today he speaks to me without words. His presence ripples through my ears And suffuses my heart and mind. His presence is music. I am comforted and lifted up in a dance of perfect peace.

The Light Has Overcome the Darkness – Happy Easter!

The tomb where they laid the body of Jesus was empty. Barren. Dark. Nothingness. Yet, at that moment of His death, when he declared, “It is finished,” that tomb received Him not as one who was dead but as one who overcame the dark emptiness by His death. It only appeared desolate. And at that same …

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It is Good

He is King of kings!

Is He not the king we expected? Obscured from our view, He hangs behind the shadows of death. Heavy, iron nails have pierced him and attached Him to a cross. But what obscures our view? What has hung him on a cross? The answer is the same: it is our sins. Their shadows are his …

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God from God. Light from Light. Very God from Very God. Begotten, not made.   It is you, Lord. You are Lord. You are God. You are Light. And you live in me.   The awareness of your presence Overwhelms me. How can I but surrender all to you?   Let my thoughts be your …

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Parental Sacrifice: It’s All About Love

Every year Christmas Day was one of wonder for me when I was growing up. When my brother, sister and I went to bed, our house was under-decorated. The perfect tree we had all chosen together was in the backyard (in later years the tree was moved into the garage on Christmas Eve). The only …

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Creation Musings

Be prepared for the following read. I have recorded rambling thoughts as they tumbled into my awareness, so it’s a bit disjointed and somewhat out of order. I share these thoughts because I hope that, in the end, it will cause you, the reader, to wonder. To ponder. To contemplate. My thoughts are not gospel. …

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Contemplate This

Only Love Remains.

I Met a Man Named Mike

Mike had a rough life growing up but he was strong and courageous. He is a former Army Ranger. He was all he needed. Until everything fell apart when he resigned from the military where depending on self isn’t all that’s needed. His marriage crumbled, because it didn’t have a very strong foundation in the …

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The Presentation of The Lord

The following is one of 36 stories in the book called Who is Jesus? It is a fictionalized version of the facts as we know them in the Gospel according to St. Luke. See the research list at the end of the book to know where other facts included were discovered. Our God is Faithful …

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Christmas – Is That All There Is?

It’s Christmas again! But sometimes we might find ourselves asking, “Is that all there is?”

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The Line Between Then and Me

  The pastel-colored beach chair settles into the dune and slowly finds its balance. I place my purple water bottle into the holder on the arm and lower myself onto the striped cloth. Slowly my eyes scan the dunes. Except for tall grasses behind me, we are alone. We, Ed and me. He and his …

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Yes, God is in our midst. And all around us. And in us who are created in His image. He is in all of His creation. We should be aware of breathing Him in, moment by moment. And seeing Him in the people and animals and all life around us. But there is only one …

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Do Not Fear

Though the words of my heart are sincere and true, they are buried so deep I can’t read them. I only know they are there, now and forever. So, regardless of what sometimes seems to be, do not fear: I will remember in the dark what I knew in the Light. And that is reality.

Moving Forward with Hope

Flakes of gold shimmer as they flutter to earth, too numerous to count. Teensy tiny, humongous, and every size in between, each carries a unique sparkle. Few people would know that such beauty is nothing more than the scattering of shattered dreams. If I can gather and piece some back together, before the winds of …

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Longing to Return

I’ve forgotten how to pray and write and meditate. Something has been stolen, but I don’t know what or by whom. I feel trapped, but how? I grope in desperation for a thing I cannot see or feel. I want to escape, but I’m not sure from where. Teach me again the way to that place I …

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Chaos and Violence

In response to an eloquent, heartfelt, and lengthy view of the current world condition by Dan Rather: Mr. Rather quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. But he does not give us the man’s full vision nor it’s foundation as evidenced through his life. If we want to follow a leader, let us first always know all …

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Gluttony, Reconciliation, and Me

My definition of gluttony is probably close to what it really is: eating what I don’t need for good health and wholeness, eating more than I need of anything, good or bad. Why does God name gluttony as a sin? I think that’s because being a glutton is hurtful to my physical body. And when …

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Mr. Breen?

Mr. Breen was in his seventies, a cantankerous “guest” who arrived at the New York (Catholic Worker) house one day. “I am at my wit’s end,” wrote Dorothy to a friend in July 1935. “He sits at the lower window like a Cerberus and growls and curses at everyone who comes in for a bite …

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My Friend is Dying

My friend is dying. The reality of death in our midst causes us to pause. We consider why our friend or loved one must be presented with it. Especially if that person is younger than us or if the illness or accident caused the reality to be sudden. We consider our own life. How have …

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I am the door to my own destiny, And I am the key holder. Do I clutch the key in hands wrenched with fear, defending my actions as protective because of what has been? Or do I courageously open my fingers, loose the key, turn it in the latch & walk past all that has …

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The Widow’s Son

Today’s Gospel reading is about the widow’s only son who had died; it is about the time that Jesus healed that son and how the son rose from the dead.  We don’t understand why miracles happen or why they don’t when we believe. The important reality: Miracles and answers to prayer are a mystery and so …

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The Music of Silence

The alarm rings. The dog whines to go outside. The coffee pot buzz tells us it’s time for our first sip of caffeine. Water rushes at us from the showerhead. The car engine makes its starting sound (unless it’s a hybrid, of course), the radio or music flips on, we surround ourselves with other whirring …

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Mother’s Day 2016

To every woman who is a mom to children she gave birth to or adopted. And to every woman who is a mom to friends and family who are blessed by her nurturing spirit, whether or not any child calls her mommy. You are all mothers. And to each of you I wish a year filled with love that continues to soften your …

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The Gift of Mom

When I was a teenager, I spent little time with my mother. We just didn’t seem to have much in common. I must admit my parents’ crazy high expectations of their first born didn’t help our relationship. My twenties were spent in rebellion. Or maybe it was just that my life expanded so far into …

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Because He Lives, I Am Changed

Dreidel was my favorite game when I was a little girl. It’s a wonder I loved the game, since I could almost never make it spin. The best thing about knowing Jesus then was when he carved me a dreidel with those strong hands that worked carpenter tools like magic. Even the tune he hummed …

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Holy Saturday Morning

Christ crucified

It is the day the earth fell silent. Though life still existed, it was as though without spirit. No song. No joy. No reality of love. No hope. Only your Mother knew the end had not arrived. In fact, she knew it was the beginning of liberty from all bondage to those who choose You. …

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The Sun Will Rise

In the midst of sadness all around – lonely, hurting, sick, destitute, dying, and more – the morning sun rises. It shines on the leaves that have turned, filling them with more brilliance than their new golden or crimson or purple can hold and reflect. And we are reminded that in the midst of change …

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No Condemnation – Go and Sin No More

The Woman Caught in Adultery The following is an excerpt from Who is Jesus? How did I ever become such a disgrace? I loathe myself. My parents’ morals were high. We attended synagogue as required. One time I had the sweet opportunity to travel with my family to the temple in Jerusalem. I remember well …

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The Music and I are One

The notes reach my ears. They sink into my being. One by one, droplets of life. Every cell saturated with life giving force. I breathe. I draw them in one by one. Each moves through me. The music and I are one. I am complete.

Light – More than Enough

Let go the dark weights. Shake them loose. Push them out with every breath. Watch them dissolve in thin air. They do, you know, When we break their hold on us, For they have no real substance. Light is our only substance. Light overpowers the darkness. Light begets Light. Light is our Song.  


Those of us who have chosen to be loved by God see His hand changing us. First, we see it on the outside in our public behavior, attractions, and places we put ourselves. Then, we see it on the inside – in our thoughts and the words that come from our hearts. At the inner …

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God Is (more)

God is All I need Everything All that matters God is My life My breath God is My past My present My future God Is. I AM. Breathe, my soul. Breathe  

If The Lord is My Shepherd…

I want a new car. I want to be healed. I want a new puppy. I want a new house. I want, I want, I want. If I really believed that the Lord is my shepherd, would I yearn so often for more or for something else? A shepherd cares for his flock at his …

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A Letter to Music

Dear Sounds of Nature and Other Lovely Music, Thank you for being the image of the One who at the center of my being. The One at the center of all creation. Thank you, too, for reminding me that He and the music are One. That the music at the center of every atom in …

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To Whom Much is Given

To whom much is given Much is required. The poor, the hungry, the needy Will always be among us. It is for those who have more To give to those who have less. It is for those who have To give to those who have not. It is not practical to think that The field …

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Because He Is

“Praise God in his holy place… O praise Him with sound of trumpet, praise Him with lute and harp. Praise Him with timbrel and dance, praise Him with strings and pipes. “O praise Him with resounding cymbals, praise Him with clashing of cymbals. Let everything that lives and that breathes give praise to the Lord.”* …

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Water into Wine

Sunday’s Gospel tells the story of what is believed to be Jesus’s first public miracle. At a wedding, he turned water into wine. Yep. Here’s the account of one of the servants at that wedding. Oh, you know what I mean. It’s what one of the servants MIGHT have felt, thought and said. His story …

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Renewed in Christ? Now what? Afraid of Evangelization?

Is your thought of evangelizing negative or positive? Does it scare you to think of evangelizing our neighbors? The following combines my personal reflection on, my paraphrase of and some direct quotes of a small section of Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation called Evangelii Gaudium, or, The Joy of the Gospel: “The Gospel is radiant with the glory …

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Be Merciful – a Reflection

The beatitudes are found in two places. Matthew and Luke. Luke’s are called the blessings & woes. They actually may be more closely what Jesus said because they are in the Deuteronomical genre (blessed if you do this, cursed if you don’t). Jesus was a good Jew… and he would speak to the Jews as they …

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The Baptism of the Lord – what if you were there?

The Gospel reading last Sunday, the 10th, was about the baptism of Jesus. What might have been like to witness that incredible beginning of the ministry of God as Man? Here is a story told by someone who was there. Well…a story by someone who MIGHT have been there. It’s from the historical fiction book, …

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My Mom & Dad

I think that folks who visit this blog may not know about my original blog. I miss my parents. It makes me want to tell the world about them. So here are a few links that will help you get a picture of where I came from. I would love to hear some of your …

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Christmas Day 2015

Christmas is about obedience. And humility. Christmas is about faithfulness. And forgiveness. And keeping promises. It’s about selflessness and giving. It’s about silence. And Light. And over it all, Christmas is about Love. Christmas: A model for life lived in peace.

Breathing Reality

God Is. It’s my breathing mantra. All inclusive. Everything. It reminds my soul of who is In charge Of who I love. GOD IS. I AM.

Noah knew purpose. Do you?

Our life purpose can be discovered when we think, and act, and love like children. When we wonder about possibilities without self-limiting talk. Here is a child who discovered his life purpose in a short time. Did he know his time was short when he innocently and lovingly followed God’s lead? No.We never know the …

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The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand

What was it like to be the first people to receive the Body and Blood of Christ at that very first consecration of bread and wine? We know today who He is. We are educated before we first receive Him and have, at least limited, expectations. The first 12 did not. So was it like …

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Light and Heart: One

Strip my heart of the layers of self That you alone will shine before men. For truly You are the Light at the center of my heart My heart is the Light at the center of your heart. By the victory of the cross and your resurrection My heart and your Light My Light and …

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Morning Prayer: August 15, 2015

“Come, let us rejoice with the angels in the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.”   Morning prayer in one of my favorite spots. Thankful for the whacky August weather that brought in the chill air.     ” A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under …

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An Anniversary Gift

July 26, 2015, our 35th Wedding Anniversary. It is also the anniversary of my grandparents, Frank and Louise Brancato. And the feast day of Saints Ann and Joachim, the parents of Mary, Virgin Mother of God. Such an honor to share! Today I was privileged to minister the Body of Christ to God’s people at …

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Honoring a Young Hero – Noah Wilson

Yesterday, June 30, 7 year old Noah Wilson passed into the arms of Jesus while his parents held him at Children’s Mercy Hospital. His fight with cancer was long and hard – 14 months – and valiant. He brought smiles to all, especially with his Bandage Project that collected $7,000 and thousands of colorful bandaids …

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Where is the face of Jesus in Ireland?

A recent connection with a new friend in Ireland opened my eyes to a pain I did not know existed– the pain of the irrelevancy of The Catholic Church to its faithful flock in a land where Christianity was brought – by Saint Patrick – to liberate the lost. In the early years, the Church …

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Your Patience is Grace

Jesus in the Tabernacle. He waits in silence, longing for his brothers and sisters To join him In conversation of the heart. Jesus our brother, kind and good, Your patience is Grace. Your Grace is our strength And our Salvation.

So many ways to feed His sheep

“Go and sin no more.” Yes, Lord. “If you love me, you will obey me. Do you love me?” Yes, Lord. “Do you love me?” Yes, I do. “Do you love me?” Yes, Lord, you know I do. “Then feed my sheep.”   We give him glory when we let His Light shine through work …

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Prodigals and Samaritans

We are all prodigals at one time or in one way or another. We all fail along our walk to fulfill God’s intentions for us. We squander his gifts in great and small ways, and almost every day we ignore his teachings when we do not stop to help a neighbor. We are prodigals each …

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Am I Absolutely Sure God is Real?

Sometimes the enemy will whisper to my head, “Are you sure there’s a God? Are you sure this is all worth it? Are you sure you’ll seem him face to face and see those you love who’ve gone before you? Are you sure Jesus saves?” My reply? “I am certain. It’s not just what people …

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We Shall See Face to Face

March 9, 2015 would have been my father’s 88th birthday. The entrance antiphon for mass that morning was from Psalm 84: My soul is longing and yearning for the courts of the Lord. My heart and flesh cry out to the living God. That is the verse that became Mom’s in her 84th year, on …

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Living As Though We Are Truly Home

There is nothing more important in all of life than our relationship with God through His Son. And I firmly believe there is nothing we should put more energy into than that relationship. For this reason, since as a convert I am relatively new in the faith myself, if I were to give an admonition …

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Let Me Proclaim Your Goodness

Eucharistic Adoration

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The Time is Always Now

Flowers in millions of colors Sprinkle from the golden orb That bursts through magenta clouds. Smile. Laugh! Run across diamond-studded emeralds Raise your arms and sing, Alleluia As you catch the colors in your hair! Spin as they whirl around you In a funnel of joy. The time is always now. Live it.   If …

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A Moment of Contemplation

My Father, who is in Heaven, Holy is your Name. I am broken before you And rise by your Grace. Let your kingdom alone Fill me and live through me.   Take me deep into my heart Where you alone reside And where there is nothing of me. And pray there for all who ache And …

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Two Hands

Two hands. One to feed the poor. The other to forgive. Our feet to walk the way of the Cross. By our example we lead others to Christ, or we hinder them. Remember, I’d love for you to share your thoughts. Click on the actual name of this post and it will bring you to …

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Trusting God: Don’t we all want perfection in every decision we make?

John had been out of work for sometime. He was devoted to his young family of wife and baby. He was desperate for a job that paid well. Finally, he got an offer that he had to either accept or not immediately. It was an enormous salary increase over any previous employment. He had to …

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Only Light is Real: Jesus, I Trust in You

She looks old beyond her years, hunched over, face parallel to the ground because of the brown bundle ten times her size, attached to her back. She would love to remove the bundle and let it fall without a care but her hands, in front of her, are tied together. Her eyes that can only …

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Queen or Mother?

Movies and photographs depict little princes and princesses approaching their parents, the King and Queen, with bows and curtsies and kissing of the hand and/or ring. Once the formalities are dealt with, they draw close as any other child and parent. Having no personal association with any royalty, I have no idea how close to …

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Breathe Life

The Light and the Love are One. Melt into them as you enter in. Become one with them. Let thoughts slip by, You’ll find them later. For this time, Allow the warmth and presence Surround you, Consume you, Keep you safe and still. You, The Light, and The Love Are One. It’s all that matters. …

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Father Differences

A Christian songwriter shared in an interview his “all about me” bubble burst when he married his wife. And he was glad. When they had children, it was more evident that real life is about everyone else. He also said that being a father has given him a glimpse of how God as Father takes …

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Whose trip of a lifetime?

What steps do you take to reach a big decision? Please share in the comments. If you don’t mind, I’m going to ramble on about a huge decision I must make. I guess we could call this live journaling. You might be able to sway me with your insights… My current dilemma is whether or not …

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He is My Mountain

If anyone knows me, they are aware of how I’ve longed to live in the Rockies of Northern Colorado for more than four years. In fact, I am convinced that it is where I am supposed to live. I am as sure of that as I was to marry my husband, to enter the Catholic …

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I Met a Saint Named Juan

About 5 foot 7, graying blonde, with merry blue eyes and soft wrinkles mapped across a chubby face, and chunky around the middle, he wore a yellow collared knit shirt with a beautiful solid gold crucifix that poked out at the top. “I used to be in prison ministries,” his accented voice continued our conversation. …

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Enter the Lord’s Living Room; Moments of Peace

Some days I linger in the nave for over an hour after 6:15 AM mass. I pray the rosary, I read scripture, I lift my friends, family and strangers to the Lord, I journal. Sometimes I read a spiritually worthy work. Currently I am reading The Apostolic Letter MULIERIS DIGNITATEM
of the Supreme Pontiff
on …

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Joy into Joy

Ethereal joy comes when I detach from every thing and every one in my life. It twinkles and sings it’s way into my soul, the foundation of who I am. Each note makes a permanent mark on my being. When I allow it to permeate me, and when I do not drown it’s voice with …

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Journeys to Peace

Journeys to Peace…The Journey Home I grew up in a Philadelphia suburb. My family was Presbyterian and lived Godly values. We were also very involved in our church. Every day of any given week some or all of us were busy in the life of the church. For each of us, this was by choice. …

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Notes in the Night


I Am in Every Note

Take the hand of my heart and dance with me; Spin me, twirl me; Lead me to the place of All music and all peace Beyond understanding. Rejoice! The Creator of all sings in His creation. I am in the music.   November 2013