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Here are links to the published reflections on Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship  that I have written. I am proud to be on this team of writers.  I hope you enjoy what I’ve shared.

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Advent/Christmas Study Journal 2017 (my study reflections at December 25 to 30)

October 25, 2017 The Dignity of LIfe – in Death

October 19, 2017 Th Dignity of Life – for the Elderly

October 9, 2017 The Dignity of Life – in Childhood

October 2, 2017 The Dignity of Life – in the Womb

September 23, 2017 Soul Saturday, The Glory of the Lord



Text Version Only

Below are the text versions* of my reflections posted at Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship. The audio link for each is on my parent page, @Heart of Mary (click tab of @Heart of Mary or tab of CherylAnnWills.com on your browser to locate page called @Heart of Mary). Beginning in January, only the audio podcast …