Am I Absolutely Sure God is Real?

Sometimes the enemy will whisper to my head, “Are you sure there’s a God? Are you sure this is all worth it? Are you sure you’ll seem him face to face and see those you love who’ve gone before you? Are you sure Jesus saves?”

My reply?

“I am certain. It’s not just what people and their relations who claimed to have met him 2000 years ago have written, or sung or spoken. It’s not just what people have passed on who claim to have had a personal and intimate spiritual relationship with God through Jesus.If what they shared was not true, those stories and songs would have faded, not increased in numbers. No, it’s not just their story through music and written word.

“Yes, I am sure because I also have a personal and intimate relationship with God, the Creator of all through His Only Begotten Son Jesus and by the power and grace of His Holy Spirit.

“Just as the stories could not last and multiply exponentially over the last 2,015 years if they were not true, neither could I possibly make this up.”

Oh, yes, I’m certain.






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