Queen or Mother?

Movies and photographs depict little princes and princesses approaching their parents, the King and Queen, with bows and curtsies and kissing of the hand and/or ring. Once the formalities are dealt with, they draw close as any other child and parent. Having no personal association with any royalty, I have no idea how close to reality these pictures are.

In this first year since my father’s death and first six months since my mother’s, I have often contemplated the state of adult orphanhood. Joy of discovering the fullness of the Fatherhood of God as all that I need greeted my soul a few weeks ago. I’ve always been certain of His being Provider and Protector. But the complete reality of Fatherhood did not envelop me until I had no human father on earth. My enlightenment grows in magnificence, as I continue to contemplate.

I’ve also always considered Mary as my spiritual mother. Well, since I’m only officially Catholic since 2000, always would be an invalid descriptor. You know what I mean: I have always considered her as mother since that time I began to consider her as mother. In the last few days the reality of her care and nurture of me has reached a height I never came close to while my human mother shared the planet with us

I am, we are, richly blessed to have True God himself as Father and the Mother of his Son (also the same God), as Mother. I am not sure any human can fully grasp the gift until we are face to face with Him. Still, the good news for us while we wait for that moment is that the blessing can increase in proportion to the amount of time we spend in contemplation of that knowledge.

When I pray through the Glorious Mysteries, I give heartfelt thanks that Mary was crowned Queen of Heaven. It is her rightful place, considering all that she willingly surrendered to, sacrificed, and gave. Because the recognition of her place by God gives His people both a king and a queen to depend on, that makes us pretty lucky.

mary halo of stars

By Herman Richir

mary queen statue

Today I began to consider the best, or better, way to approach the Virgin Mary. Do I walk up with small steps and head bowed, kneel and kiss her hand, and then say, Hello, Mother? Or, do I rush into her presence with unbridled joy in my voice that sings, Mother I love you? Is she queen first or mother? Or is there no first? Perhaps she is equally mother and queen, who deserves utmost respect mingled with my undying love.

mary kissing the face of God

by Morgan Weistling

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