Seeing Jesus

If I don’t see Jesus in each person I encounter, my desire to be Jesus is self-serving and shallow.

Why is it sometimes so hard to see you in another person? Because you are in disguise. You are disguised as a disgruntled old man, a cranky child, an exhausted parent, an overwhelmed spouse, a friend angry with disappointment or pain.  You are even disguised in a person who performs despicable acts. And often it is impossible for my family and friends to see you in me. You are in disguise inside of me, as well.

For we are all created in your image. But we often hide you behind our personal choices, behind our will.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. I want to see you in each person I meet. Be it face to face, online, and voice to voice on the phone, I want to see you. And, then, I want to serve you and care for you and bless you and honor you.

Oh, that my prayer would be so sincere that I would allow him to be seen in me. For then I would see him in all of his creation.

Jesus in disguise


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