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The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand

What was it like to be the first people to receive the Body and Blood of Christ at that very first consecration of bread and wine? We know today who He is. We are educated before we first receive Him and have, at least limited, expectations. The first 12 did not.

So was it like fire flowing through their veins? Did they tremble on the inside and the outside? Did a tingling course through their muscles great enough to cause numbness? Did their thoughts spin out of control to the point of dizziness?

Whatever they felt, it caused them to wait, to wonder, to continue on after His resurrection. They followed Him before but then they pledged to die for Him if faced with a choice. By the power of the Holy Spirit, they moved forward in boldness to share the Good News in words and actions.

We can have the same responses, if we allow the Holy Spirit to pierce the bubble of self within and to deflate us so that our only words are, “Give me Jesus.”

All of my days, give me Jesus. And give me Grace to be His hands and feet and voice as His kingdom on earth that is truly at hand.