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Grandparenthood: A First Reflection

On Sunday August 27, Ed and I officially became grandparents. Nicholas Alexander is healthy and cute as a button. (Actually, he’s much cuter than any button I’ve ever seen!) We are grateful to God for this newest blessing in our lives. His parents are already proving awesome. For them we also give thanks.

We were able to see the little guy on Sunday evening, and all day Monday. He came home from the hospital Tuesday. We drove 650 miles to our home on Wednesday. In the short time with him, we continually marveled that this new little human is a part of us – literally and figuratively. It is a concept we will forever ponder; I doubt we will ever fully grasp the depth of its wonder.

Not grasping the fullness of the concept of grandparenthood doesn’t matter. We are content to watch his presence blossom into the garden of our family life. God will grant awareness of our expanded role in the garden called Wills. We pray only to be faithful in each new and ever-changing day and that our part in this gift of family be one that pours love over all and adds joy.

Papa & Nona                welcome Nick to the world!

Nick at 48 hours