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For Victims and Offenders, A Prayer

God Almighty,


Have mercy on creatures made in your Image

who are abused, raped, tortured, murdered

by those also created in your Image.


Jesus was flogged beyond recognition.

By lashes and bruises that crushed him,

and thorns pressed into his skull,

he healed us.


Let each of the tormented find refuge

in the raw wounds of your only begotten Son.

And let your mercy extend to the victimizers,

for you desire all to know salvation freedom.


In the depths of our being,

we all yearn for Christmas Joy

and Easter Love .

Let us pray that each one

created in the Image of God

seeks Truth, that alone can fill the void.

It is then we shall live in harmony

with Resurrection Hope.




Christ crucified

By His stripes we are                    healed.

The Light Has Overcome the Darkness – Happy Easter!

The tomb where they laid the body of Jesus was empty.
Barren. Dark. Nothingness.

Yet, at that moment of His death,
when he declared, “It is finished,”
that tomb received Him not as one who was dead
but as one who overcame the dark emptiness by His death.
It only appeared desolate.

And at that same moment
the tomb of my life was also no longer
parched, lonely, detached from my Creator,
if I but say yes to His presence.

The tomb where they laid the One
who died to save all humanity
became filled with Light by His resurrected presence.
And so, the tomb that was my life
is filled with Light that is the resurrected Jesus.
For I have said, yes!


His Light has Overcome the Darkness