The Music of Silence

The alarm rings.

The dog whines to go outside.

The coffee pot buzz tells us it’s time for our first sip of caffeine.

Water rushes at us from the showerhead.

The car engine makes its starting sounds,

the radio or music flips on,

we surround ourselves with other whirring vehicles and honking horns.

Now enter the workplace….

whose noise will vary immensely for each.

Endless voices bombard us from every angle:

friends talk, friends text,

we even chatter incessantly to ourselves.

From sunup to sundown noise greets our every breath.


What has become of you?

Where can we escape to find you?

What will we discover when we do?

Our society likes to equate silence with boredom.  

I posit that silence reveals jewels that are the authenticity of life:









And especially, real Love.

Stop, noise!

Let the eyes of my heart see the dance of silence

and let her ears hear the music

so that I might truly live!

May 8, 2016

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