Your Job is to Be Present

Your dreams keep you looking forward.

Your goals are the milestones along the path to your dreams.

Your plans work your goals.

Trust in your dreams and don’t be afraid to dream beyond big.

As big as the universe.

Find pictures and phrases that represent your dreams –

of who you want to be, where and how you want to live –

on a vision board.

Make it big and colorful

so that your heart beats a little harder every time you look at it.

Next, set milestones in realistic time frames that you can measure.

Then plan your work to reach those goals.

Work the plan.

Every day.

Don’t think about the next step.

Be present in this step.

The mystery is that God in his universe will carry you

to the fruition and culmination of your dreams.

Your job is to be present in the work.

To persevere.

To never give up.

To trust the Author of your Dreams.

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