BOOK: Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? 1st Century Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories

Who is Jesus? We can read history books, like Antiquity of the Jews by Josephus, to discover his identity. Or we can read the Bible. We can ask our pastor or church-going friends who seem to have a definite opinion on the subject. The reality is that we each must decide for ourselves who Jesus is, deep down and personal. C.S. Lewis once said that Jesus of Nazareth was either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord of all. Perhaps the most important decision we will make in this life is which of those three he is to us.

After the Wise Men encountered Jesus, they chose a different path. We don’t know why. We only know that they were emboldened to do so. Their choice changed the world. Would you take a different path, too?

What would it be like for YOU to encounter Jesus, face to face?

The storytellers in this book lived in the First Century AD. Their stories are recorded in the Bible. Discover the choices they made when they came face to face with the knowledge of who Jesus is. What choices would you make after meeting Him?

See the list of the commonly  known Bible stories that the chapter/story titles in the book reference HERE 

Would you like to STUDY these stories yourself or in a group? A Study Edition complete with Guided Reflections is also available.

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What do people say about this book?

“Your writing makes me feel like I’m right there with the people, places, and events as they unfold. I loved reading about the birth of Jesus through the eyes of a child and the water to wine through the eyes of a servant. i had chills the whole time I read the loaves and fishes story, one of my favorites that we reference often in relation to the food program in Haiti. When I read about Martha and Mary, I was so moved by the way you described their personalities and was reminded how much of Martha’s mindset is a part of me. Over the last few months, I’ve really worked at slowing down (definitely not easy for me!) and am beginning to  understand what choosing joy means. I really enjoyed reading about your process with Ignatian Prayer. What a gift you have to take your experience and put it on paper! Congratulations, Cheryl, on writing this book and sharing your heart so fully! I am sure it will bring the stories of Jesus to life for so many people over the years – adults and children.”
Margaret Trost, Founder What If? Foundation, Author and Entrepreneur
 “There is a boundary between imagination and inspiration.  This is a difficult area to demarcate.  Cheryl Wills has managed to find a path through imagination to inspiration.  Her book celebrates the best of Christian mystical tradition by taking the reader from the information provided in Holy Scripture to its most profound and personal consequences.  When I read her words I am reminded of the words of the hymn, “Were you there?”  Cheryl leads us there with her Spirit-filled reflections.”  Fr. John D. Bolderson, PhD
“Cheryl Wills has  a wonderful way to express the faith of biblical people as that faith arises in response to being with Jesus. I felt like I was there. “
Nancy HC Ward,
, Catholic Author and Speaker
“Cheryl Wills has written a beautiful, compelling book – a collection of ‘you are there’ stories. It’s especially rich in human descriptive language that speaks to every emotion. It will confirm your faith, affirm your hope, and draw you into a closer relationship with a God that loves you. A ‘must have’ at your bedside or prayer group. The book is a tribute to a writer that really ‘gets it.'”
Patricia L. Mitchell, Teacher (retired)

“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book, Who is Jesus?  I really was able to feel and smell each scene of the Gospel stories.  I will sing the praises to those I know far and wide.  I truly hope many others will have an opportunity to read this great work of yours.” Carol  Sikorski, SFO


“Today I ordered another book from amazon because when I started on my nook,  I decided I wanted to hold it as I read it and be able to underline and make notes as I often do. I’m really looking forward to reading it.  Thank you again.” C. Vaccari


“Reading Who Is Jesus transported me around the world and back in time to be present with my Lord and Savior when He walked this earth.” Margaret Hall, SFO


“Thank you for introducing me to your new book.  I am enjoying it immensely.” J. Knudsen


“Hi Cheryl, I just wanted to let you how your book is touching me! I just finished reading the story of the paralytic man…it’s causing me to love the Bible more and realize just how living and active it is. Glory to God! Thank you.” Jane Frisch


“All my life I’ve been reading the stories of Jesus in the Bible with blinders on. As I read Who is Jesus? the stories I know by rote became “living color”. Suddenly I could look around and see the environment, smell the dirt, and feel the emotion in the people. She has successfully built a bridge between a story from Sunday School and the life changing event for those people of Palestine. Well done!”
Karen Fili Sullivan, Entrepreneur, Trainer and Author


“I can’t pick up the book to read because I can’t put it down. It leaves me awed! And awing me is usually not easy!”   Sister Josephine Boyles, OSF


“Who is Jesus? was a book I didn’t want to put down or want to end. Very inspiring and a new way of viewing Jesus’ short time on earth.”   Joanne Ferdig, Sacristan at St. Bernadette Catholic Church


About The Author

Cheryl Ann Wills is an author and entrepreneur. From childhood through college and the workplace, she has been a writer. Her writing varies from non-fiction to children’s stories. This is her first published work of historical fiction.

Her passion is to give back to society by making a difference. This she does by writing what she hopes will open hearts to life-changing ideas, by teaching children to read to increase their future value to themselves and society, and by teaching people how wise health and lifestyle choices can be foundational to a better life for future generations.

Cheryl and her husband, Ed, have three fabulous daughters, one equally fabulous son-in-law, and a happy Coton de Tulear named Justina. Family time, photography and painting, cycling and hiking help her maintain balance in life. Daily Mass, prayer, and meditation keep Cheryl centered.

1st Book Signing - not planned but a huge success!

1st Book Signing – not planned          but a huge success!

Bible Stories in this Book

Chapter titles/stories included in: Who is Jesus? 1st Century Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories (book with or without guided reflections contains same stories)   Chapter Title/Commonly Known Bible Story/Scripture Reference   One Bright Night/The Birth of Jesus/Luke 2:1-20 Our God is Faithful/Jesus is Presented in the Temple/Luke 2:22-38 A Memorable First Meeting/The Escape to Egypt/Matthew 2:13-18 …

Who is Jesus? Study Edition

When we discover more of Jesus, he becomes more to us. When we spend time with him, let him search our hearts and listen to him, we can believe he loves us. When we let him love us, we can love ourselves, and those in our world more fully. When we let him love us, …