37 Years

On Wednesday, Ed and I posted the announcement of our 37th Wedding Anniversary on Facebook.

37 years is a long time. It is time filled with change, pain afflicted on us by our world, pain inflicted on each other, disappointment, heartache.

37 years is a long time filled with joys, kindness, joint dreams fulfilled, and unending hope. 37 years is evidence of strength together through every storm, holding one up while the other falls, standing in support of each others’ endeavors. 37 years is the reality of understanding and forgiveness.

37 years cannot be accomplished without Love and our commitment to whatever it takes to fulfill our vows made before God and man, regardless of how we might feel from day to day. It is the stalwart belief that it is God who joined us together as husband and wife, and the conviction that it is God alone who remains at our center and keeps us in this place. 37 years is a moving picture to the world of Grace through Sacrament.

Literally hundreds of Facebook friends, some we know well and others not so well, expressed their good will through likes and loves and comments of congratulations and blessings. We receive these as an integral part of our strength to continually move forward for we are not on this journey alone. We are grateful for these expressions of joy and pray God returns one hundred fold the blessing to each of you.

            Happy             Anniversary!


    • Linda Sapenaro on July 28, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Super post! So happy for the 2 of you — the journey continues!

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