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About Notes in the Night

My first personal blog at Cheryl Writes On… has no specific theme. It seems prudent that this blog, Notes in the Night, be focused. (It’s on the HOME tab above.)  In the big picture, I intend for it to reflect my faith journey. Specifically, my journey involves discovering my own answers to the question, Who is Jesus?

God is all and in all. As created beings, not one of us can ever know all of who He is. Yet he seeks a personal relationship with each person created in His image and likeness. We all know that the more we know someone, the better our relationship with them.

As we seek to know God, we will each be given personally designed glimpses into His reality. The personalization is in order for each of us to understand Him just as we are. If we gathered everything revealed by God of Himself to every man or woman since creation, we might think we would know Him totally. I don’t believe we would.

Since we are created and not The Creator, all that we learn will forever need to be refined. We will always see dimly as in a mirror. On that day when we see Him face to face, His face at once looking out from us and into us, we will know Him fully. We will know all the secrets of the universe because He not only created the universe, He is the universe and so much more.

He gave us a path, so to speak, to reach that face to face place. That path was Himself in the flesh of His Only Begotten Son. God as Son lived as a human on this earth, was crucified on behalf of every sin mankind has ever and will ever commit that separates mankind from God, rose from the dead, and ascended to prepare a place for us.  After the Son left the earth, He gave Himself as the Spirit Most Holy, to reign in the hearts of those who seek Him. The Son told us that He is the (only) way, truth and life, and that we can only know the Father through the Son.

And that is why answers to the question Who is Jesus? are critical for every faith journey.

I hope you will share your journey with me here. We will help each other know more of who He is. And that knowledge combined will take each of us on our individual paths to our designed destiny – to love and to be loved, to be a friend of God and to become like Him who is Love.



I’ve posted this picture because I want the world to know that God’s gift of my family is second only to the gift of Himself.

Rare chance to be together - best family ever! Always my inspiration. Rare chance to be together – best family ever! Always my inspiration.