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In Your House – Cheryl Ann Wills

In Your House

In your house

You bid me welcome

In the wee hours of the morning

Before the dawn peeks at us,

At midday when bright rays

That glance through windows

dance on your altar,

And as night hastens to darken the earth.

“Come in,” you gently call.

“Sit down with me.

Rest your mind, your heart, your body.”

I smile with thanks.

Your voice alone

Melts my stress and concerns.

You are my best friend

And my elder brother.

Sitting with you is comfortable.

Yet you are also the

King of all kings and

The God of all gods.

I control the urge to

Throw myself at your feet.

For you are my path to the heart

Of the Creator of all the universes

And all that is in them.

I am humbled.

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