Joy into Joy

Ethereal joy comes when I detach from every thing and every one in my life.

It twinkles and sings it’s way into my soul, the foundation of who I am. Each note makes a permanent mark on my being. When I allow it to permeate me, and when I do not drown it’s voice with the noise of the world or of fear or greed or selfishness, it grows. And when it grows, it overflows from me into the places I am and into the lives of the people near me.

And, then, it is not my joy that is felt. Rather it is pure joy that only comes from the Creator of all things and all beings. Next, it becomes their joy.

Joy into joy into joy. An outgrowth of our purpose in life: to love and to be loved; to love and know God and to be loved by Him.

October 24, 2011 Morning

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