My Friend is Dying

My friend is dying.
The reality of death in our midst causes us to pause.
We consider why our friend or loved one must be presented with it. Especially if that person is younger than us or if the illness or accident caused the reality to be sudden.
We consider our own life. How have we lived it? What will we be remembered for? Have we taken more than we’ve given? Where will we go from here?
My faith teaches that time on earth is less than the smallest fraction of all life. That being here is not just about having the most fun, gathering the greatest number of friends, visiting every nook and cranny on the planet. It’s not even about how many charities receive our time and money to. Or how many volunteer hours we commit to helping the gazillions less fortunate than us, in every tangible and intangible way. It’s not about making the most of what we’ve been given.
Life on this earth is about preparing what we actually take with us when we leave. It’s about nurturing our hearts and souls for the next and final leg of the journey. That time when we are face to face with our Creator for all eternity. That preparation involves commitment to knowing Him more with each breathing moment.
I am grateful for my faith. I can’t fathom the emptiness in my soul without it or the devastation when a friend leaves our planet.
Thank you, Rosemarie, for your steadfastness. For your commitment to God and family. For your courage and strength. For your listening ear. Thank you, Rosemarie, for your love.
My friend is dying. Better yet, my friend is preparing to step into the fullness of life.

This reflection was written on July 1.

My dear friend, Rosemarie, passed into the fullness of life on Sunday July 3, 2016.

May you, dear friend faithful departed, rest in peace.



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