My Mom & Dad

I think that folks who visit this blog may not know about my original blog.

I miss my parents. It makes me want to tell the world about them.

So here are a few links that will help you get a picture of where I came from.

I would love to hear some of your family history stories, too. Please write me!

You’ve Always Been Daddy to Me

Happy Mother’s  Day, Mommy

Things I’m Glad to Have Learned from Mommy

Happy 63rd Anniversary, Mom & Dad

A Happy Death

Make Every Day Count: My Hero

Thank You, Dad, for Hope

The Rhythm of Life: Thank you, Dad

Regrets: Missing Dad

You’re in the Music Daddy


Parents and Children: Grown-Ups Together


Breathe. Trust. Be Healed.

A Song of  Thanksgiving for Elaine Foster

A Song in Mom’s  Heart

Till Death Do Us Part

In Honor and Memory of My Mother, A Mighty Woman

Happy Birthday to the  Best Mom Ever!

Happy Birthday, Dad

Musical Christmas Memories

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