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happy because she lives her passions

Why happy? She lives her passion.

I write to make a difference.

Writing is one way I give back to the world.





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Writing on the Web

My other BLOGS: My original blog is Cheryl Writes On… and is devoted to posts less spiritual in nature. Notes in the Night lives right here at The title originated from my earliest writing which nearly always began with a middle of the night nudge in my spirit to wake up and write. If you click …

Ciao, Italy!

It was a life-changing holiday in 2015, when my husband and I celebrated 35 years of marriage with a three week excursion to Ireland and Italy. This mini travelogue follows us a bit through Italy. Discover the people and culture as we did. You might fall in love all over again, too. (PS I hope …

Learning to Listen to God

How do you listen to the voice of God for your life? This book, written by my husband Ed Wills and edited by me, delves into many helpful techniques, beginning with ancient days to today. Regardless of what step on the path of the journeying with God you find yourself today, this book will take …

10 Steps – It’s Your Story

I am proud to announce the recent publication of my husband’s book, Where Do I Go From Here? A Guidebook for Life’s Transitions with the accompanying two set Guided Meditations in audio format.  All are available on The book • Empowers you to discover what you truly want from life and then shows you how to …

Seasons of Our Souls

Seasons of Our Souls: Sharing Our Thoughts on the Journey, is a wonderful collaborative project from The Hard Bean Writers’ Circle. It is currently out of print. Several women at different seasons of life share their thoughts, passions, and dreams in poetry and prose. We need this as women—to learn from other women as we …

Children’s Books

The children’s books Cheryl is currently writing are intended to make the lives of children better through fun and interactive educational means. All children deserve the best future. It begins today in the books they read. Watch for the release of the following titles: Little Town in the Valley, series Who Am I? The I Am Poems – …

Books for Small Business Owners

Lessons from a Small Business Owner: A Simple Primer for Success soon to be released in kindle format! A must have for all new small business owners as well as those with businesses in operation as a finger tip reference.

Articles with My Byline

As a contributing writer for the Jackson County Advocate from 2007 to 2011, Cheryl interviewed Small Business Owners for a series called: The Entrepreneur Next Door: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things. A version (not the final published copy) of some of those stories are located at her blog, The Entrepreneur Next Door