So many ways to feed His sheep

“Go and sin no more.”

Yes, Lord.

“If you love me, you will obey me.

Do you love me?”

Yes, Lord.

“Do you love me?”

Yes, I do.

“Do you love me?”

Yes, Lord, you know I do.

“Then feed my sheep.”


We give him glory when we let His Light shine through work of our hands, and hearts, and minds. When we purposefully desire to give him glory in our work, and in our hopes and dreams and goals, it is naturally other-directed. And in that way, we feed his sheep.


But if we bury our talents and gifts under the guise of busy-ness and other self-fulfilling thoughts like the foolish servant, we will deserve the wrath of the manager/master.


“Do you love me?”


The real answer is revealed in my actions.





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