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Delight of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

It delights my Most Sacred Heart when my brothers and sisters gather before me. To sit with me. To gaze upon my face. 

Now, come closer children. Crowd near to me. I want to tell you stories of my divine Love.

Shhh… I speak in the silence. And when you draw close, it is your heart that hears me. When your heart hears the first note of my voice, it is simultaneously filled with my Light. My Light is your life.

My Light that exposes by its very nature, also purifies. And so at once you know both the pain of having offended and forgiving love that cleanses all iniquity. 

Let your heart remain open even when it is time to leave this place, for my Light will continue to speak. And my Sacred Heart will continue in delight of you. 

Oh Lord Jesus, Son of God who is God, I do not want to leave your Presence here. I want to bask in your Light forever.

My child, I will never leave you. For my Holy Spirit lives in you and my Light will never be overcome. And my Sacred Heart flows into your own heart with cleansing and purifying Love that extends through all eternity. Listen to my heart and bask in me, for I AM Light; I AM your Light for the journey. And you are mine. Forever.

Draw closer, children. Listen to Love, and Love will live through you. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Message of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is          LOVE


Written after Mass of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus at Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at first night of Marian Conference on June 23, at St. Robert Bellarmine Church, and during the musical meditation called, I Thirst, presented by Michael McGlinn.