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Who is Jesus? Study Edition

When we discover more of Jesus, he becomes more to us. When we spend time with him, let him search our hearts and listen to him, we can believe he loves us. When we let him love us, we can love ourselves, and those in our world more fully. When we let him love us, the choices we make are different and our own story is enriched.

These guided reflections are designed to make us think differently about events in our lives so that we can see Jesus at work more clearly, and find our place in him. They are based on the life concepts presented in the witness stories in the book.

The questions refer to personal experiences.  By taking time to answer each question thoughtfully and thoroughly, our hearts will benefit most.

Though the study is divided into six weeks, many people have a longer time to commit. Then, it would be advantageous to divide some of the sections and extend the overall study period.  Tips for facilitating a group are included at the beginning of the study.

Available in print with space to write personal reflections. Also available on Kindle.